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Deighted to report that plans are underway to bring out a 30th Anniversary Edition of Angels and Aliens: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination. Details to come.


"In a brilliant stroke, Keith Thompson takes a subject usually confined to check-out counter tabloids and reveals its susrprising literary richness, intellectual energy, and symbolic depths. By offering a new, open-ended perspective which avoids the dogmatisim of true believers and debunkers alike, Angels and Aliens invites readers to enter a fascinating world with profound implications for our understanding of the human spirit.


"It was Carl Jung who first spoke of the UFO as a 'modern myth in the making,' and Jospeh Campbell who insisted that the first function of myth is 'opening mind and heart to the wonder of all being.' Now Keith Thompson makes it possible for us to share that sense of wonder as he exploes the UFO against the timeless backdrop of visionary experience: shamanic journeys, religious miracles, and folkloric encounters with fairies and dwarfs.


"Angels and Aliens offers a compelling intepretive history of the UFO phenomenon, beginning in 1947 when the first reports came in describing nine disc-shaped objects moving in the sky "like a saucer skipping over water." In Thompson's even-handed telling it is difficut to decide which is more outrageous: the storiess of temptresses from outer space disembarking for impregnation by sexually-confidant farmers, or the government's ham-handed explanation for ambiguous events that nonetheless did take place, having been confirmed b by both radar and independent visual sightings.


"Thompson argues that the need for clear distinctions in the Westrn mind obscures the rich sense in which the UFO phenomenon becomes not less real but more so for its mythic, metaphoric, allegorical dimension. No matter whether the reported sightngs were caused by literal aliens from another galaxy or summoned from some poorly understood dimension of the human psyche, we may come to fathom the distincitively modern longing to recover lost intimacy with deeper currents of the universe.


"Angels and Aliens prepares us for the provocative conclusion that, where mind and matter intersect, what we terms reality may in fact be a limited spectrum with a much larger realm of possibilities." —from the jacket of the 1991 hardcover edition of the book published by Addison-Wesley Publishing