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"Keith Thompson's long-awaited follow-up to his masterful Angels and Aliens stands as one of the finest dives into the deep end of strange phenomena and all that is "out there." From his own life-changing near-death experience, through the labyrinthine history of the UFO field and its luminaries, and onwards and outwards, presenting a transcendent. metaphysical world-view far beyond simple nuts and bolts. Thompson conducts like a maestro, synthesizing a hall of mirrors with great wisdom and a unique perspective. Utterly captivating and impossible to put down. Bravo!" — Josh Boone, Filmmaker (The Fault in Our Stars, New Mutants, The Stand)


"This book is a call from the cosmos that is fiercely alive, weirdly involved in our own forms of culture and consciousness, and beyond any of our conventional religions and sciences. Reality just ain't what we think it is. Nor are we. Human beings manifest supernormal powers in a super natural world that is much bigger than we think, and maybe than we can think. Keith Thompson shows us all of this, and so much more, in a new book that is now one of our finest confrontations with the baffling truth of the UFO, which is really a paradox shattering our assumptions, whatever those are." — Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of How to Think Impossibly: About Souls, UFOs, Time, Belief, and Everything Else


"In The UFO Paradox, Keith Thompson presents a meticulously researched exploration into the unidentified aerial phenomena, adopting at times a scientific lens, a philosopher's perspective, and a journalist's scrutiny. Thompson's multi-lensed approach underscores the complexities and challenges inherent to the study of a phenomenon that is trying to tell us something important. Are we prepared to listen?" — Dean Radin PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Real Magic, and other books


"Keith Thompson is in a unique position to take a deep dive into UFO phenomenology. He is both a scholar and a journalist. He has been on the scene, working hand in glove with many of the key investigators in this elusive field. More importantly, he brings to this inquiry a deep understanding of the mythic and paranormal dimensions of reality. His exploration of the UFO mystery has been colored, from start to finish, by an appreciation of the larger dimensions of human existence, triggered by his own near-death experience. This book has achieved something rare in UFOlogy lore: a near-perfect balance of the physical and nonphysical dimensions of the phenomenon." — Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, Host and Producer of New Thinking Allowed YouTube channel