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Meetings with Keith

The individual mentoring/counseling sessions I offer, by phone or Zoom, are aimed to explore the full range of issues outlined at Integrating an NDE (see top menu). While this is not the sole focus of my practice, it is coming to be a significant emphasis of the work.
Drawing on many years of self-exploration, with a background in meditation and decades of integrating and assimilating my experience of near-death, I bring an empathic, heart-centered approach to your quest to connect directly with your deepest inner knowing. My abiding commitment is to support you in aligning with your unique path.
One-to-one meetings offer an invitation to open to and welcome your experience just as it is with a compassionate heart, very much in the spirit of Rumi's poem The Guest House, below. Meetings are an opportunity to look and listen together. You can bring up anything you want to explore, as I come to meetings with no agenda beyond the values and focus described above.


These meetings are not intended as a substitute for professional psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, legal or financial advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters.
Meetings are one hour and can happen by phone or online. There is a sliding fee scale of $75 to $100 USD. You can pay whatever amount works for you in that range. If you feel drawn to work with me, please send me an email (via Contact at the top menu) with suggested dates and times. Please plan to pay after a session is scheduled and before the session takes place. Payment can be made via PayPal or Venmo. Feel free to email me for specific details on completing the transaction.