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Booyah—and welcome to my website, currently being updated and redesigned to include my writing on a wide range of topics and interests. For now I've included two of my most widely read pieces under Selected Works in the right-side column.


Maybe you're here via my appearance on the Michael Decon Program. Michael and I started out talking about the UFO phenomenon and then, over a course of three hours, we discussed a bunch of other topics eventually including opinions on Everything. This is often how a couple of drunks carry on but we both seemed quite non-intoxicated. I haven't held forth on more subjects sober in quite some time. The more words that get uttered in those kinds of free-wheeling convos, the more this rings true:


"[…] there is no end to it, words, words, words. At best and most they are perhaps in memorium, evocations, conjurations, incantations, emanations, shimmering, iridescent flares in the sky of darkness, a just still feasible tact, indiscretions, perhaps forgiveable….


"City lights at night, from the air, receding, like these words, atoms each containing its own world and every other world. Each a fuse to set you off….


"If I could turn you on, if I could drive you out of your wretched mind, If I could tell you I would let you know.


—R. D. Laing (1967). The Bird of Paradise.


Michael has invited me to occasionally co-host his program, interviewing people we both interesting, or just us carrying on as per our recent visit. I'm down for working with Michael, so stay tuned. 


Also I mentioned on the show that my book Angels and Aliens: UFOs and the Mythic Imagination is out of print, though I hope to bring out a new edition with an updated preface and introduction. Details to appear here as they're available.


Feel free to drop me a note using the Contact option at the top. And thanks for stopping by.